What is magnesium oil?

Funnily enough magnesium oil is not actually an oil. The oil reference comes from the texture and feel of the substance when felt on skin. Our magnesium oil is made from naturally sourced magnesium chloride from The Dead Sea. A minimal amount of purified water has been added to reduce that oily feeling so the product is easily absorbed leaving your skin feeling smooth, grease free and chalk free. 

Why do we minimally dilute our magnesium oil? 

Magnesium chloride is a salt that is highly soluble in water. You know when you go to a super salty beach how it can leave salt marks on your skin or on your clothes; well this is one of the reasons why we dilute our magnesium with purified water to avoid staining clothing and to leave your skin feeling chalky free. When added with water it makes it easily absorbed through the skins pores.

Applying natural oils to the skin can be great to rejuvenate skin however sometimes you are left feeling like your pores are clogged and you feel greasy and shiny. Our magnesium oil will not do this as it is highly water soluble meaning the water and magnesium combines well so it can spread evenly over the skin and allow for optimal absorption. 

Magnesium oil is so easy to use, its like having a sample from The Dead Sea in a bottle ready for your every day use!