About Us

Better Health is a Melbourne based business specialising in topical magnesium oil and bath flakes.

We value your health and want to inspire you to look after your body. Follow us on social media for tips on how to unwind, recovery from sore muscles and get those extra zzz's in at night. We explore a range of topics about nutrition, mental health, fitness tips and how you can play an active role in achieving better health.

Our product range includes two magnesium oil sprays; one for every day use and the other encourage for sport / exercise use. Bath flakes in an easy to use  paper based pouch containing  Magnesium and Dead Sea Salt available in small and large size. 
The magnesium oil is packaged within a sleek matte black bottle with easy to use spray top available in two sizes. We encourage you to reuse this bottle once finished for whatever your heart desires!

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